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Abattoir Cleaning & Disinfection

Slaughterhouses are completely relied on cleaning and disinfection processes to curb the bacterial growth. That’s why these processes becomes an integral part of operations in any slaughterhouse. The Abattoir cleaning and disinfection services provided by Bio Environment Service Technology LLC are conceptualised to cater the essential needs of slaughterhouses. As hygiene is directly related to the risk factors observed by abattoirs, we maintain special precisions to carry disinfection processes completely.

Abattoir cleaning and disinfection can be carried perfectly when we give due importance to the type of waste products generated by these facilities. As bacterial contamination is one of the primary concerns, organic waste management becomes even more important. If the facility has a proper organic waste management system, it should be cleaned and disinfected regularly to keep it functional to use. Generally incinerators or deep pits are used as waste disposal systems. Bio Environment Service Technology LLC provides services to disinfect the bacterial growth at these facilities too. As the waste products from any slaughterhouse can be broadly classified as organic and inorganic wastes, we use separate methods to treat them. Organic waste consist mainly of proteins and lipids whereas inorganic waste mostly consist of salts or calcium precipitates. Harmful microorganisms such as E.coli, Listeria, Salmonella and other viruses can originate from these wastes. Therefore all surfaces which comes in contact with food right from the equipments to the waste outlets are properly cleaned and disinfected. The other areas which comes under cleaning and disinfection for abattoir cleaning and disinfection purposes are walls & roofs, floors and footwears, dust, abattoir knives and other tools, splashes and spores.

Apart from microorganisms the rodents and insects are other major concern at abattoir facilities. For these proper checks are included by employing proper amount of pesticides and insecticides at the premises. Abattoir cleaning and disinfection is a tedious process and the quality of these services are majorly dependent on the expertise of the workmen involved. So far, with the help of a great team Bio Environment Service Technology LLC is successful in completing these assignments to the satisfaction of its customers.

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