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Our Principles

Leo International LLC was established in the mid 90's (although it was originally found in 1983 as Leo International Establishment). We have come a long way from our humble start of only two employees - It all started with a sales engineer myself and a service engineer, selling and servicing high pressure cleaners. We still strive to fulfill these same values that have excelled us to what we are today, a company committed to supply quality equipment, provide professional solutions and services that will improve the well being of those who utilize our products and services. We are totally committed to setting and achieving quality standards that are capable of meeting, in all aspects, the specified requirements and exceed the expectations of our customers. We pride ourselves that we are an organization that pledges the protection and enhancement of the environment and its valued resources. We have taken the initiative to supply equipment, provide solutions and services that improve and make better the environment we live in - as a natural consequences Bio Environment Services Technology (a parallel company under the canopy of Leo International) have branched from the core of our activities. It is a highly specialized environmental cleaning service provider.

Our customer bases are among the following:

  • Food Industry.
  • Hotels and Hospitality sector.
  • Architectural and civil consultants.
  • Construction Industry.
  • Transport and auto Industry.
  • Cleaning and maintenance contractors.
  • Local Municipal Authorities.
  • Agriculture section.
  • Water and electricity Departments.
  • Defense/Army.
  • Health and wellbeing sectors.
  • Seaport and Airport Authorities.
  • Oil companies – onshore/offshore