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Floor Cleaning Equipment UAE

Floor Cleaning Equipment UAEThe Service we provide Floor Cleaning Equipment UAE from Leobest International LLC include SCRUBTEC R 4 is one of the most versatile platforms in our range, suitable for different kind of areas and applications. This range is our smallest ride on scrubber dryer. The units are compact and superbly maneuverable and meet the demand for providing productive and efficient cleaning. Floor Cleaning Equipment UAE is Perfect for use in warehouses, industry, garage/car facilities and manufacturing.

The SCRUBTEC R 4 ride-on scrubber dryers bridge the gap between walk-behind machines and bigger ride-on’s. With all the flexibility of smaller walk behind machines, yet having all the speed and convenience of a ride-on, these units offer the practical means of handling lighter-duty cleaning applications.

SCRUBTEC R 4 is very competitive, thanks to price, ergonomic, performance, innovation, features and reliability. The sound level is very low, and the ergonomic and compact design allows cleaning almost anywhere. Above all, the patented “Magic” deck system (linked to the steering wheel) means that the deck orientation follows the steering wheel to guarantee best cleaning performance leaving a dry floor with maximum comfort and minimum effort. This solution is so efficient that side skirts are no longer needed.

    • The inboard parabolic squeegee perfectly covers the scrubbing track without leaving traces
    • Ergonomic seat and steering wheel
    • Patented automatic speed control that significantly increases operator safety
    • Super compact design makes cleaning of restricted space areas fast and easy
    • Low sound mode makes daytime cleaning and cleaning of sound-sensitive areas viable
    • Robust and extremely versatile machine suitable for many different application areas
    • Ergonomic inclined foot platform: easy driver access from both sides of the machine

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Floor Cleaning Equipment UAEThe Service we provide Floor Cleaning Equipment UAE from Leobest International LLC include new Rider 1201 designed and built by Eureka is a combination of innovative technology and know-how Italian able to quickly clean, medium & large surfaces, working safely with very low costs. Thanks to a cleaning track of 1200 mm combined with a speed of 8 km / h, ensures a productivity of well 10,140 m² / h.

The compactness of this sweeper with its minimum turning radius (1.000 mm), it is particularly suitable to sweep in congested places, normally not accessible to larger machines. It is a unique solution unprecedented with the guarantee of complete safety and reliability given by the experience Eureka.

In addition to the Floor Cleaning Equipment UAE service there is a reinforced version in which is mounted a body sheet metal with special devices RSH (Reinforced Side Hoods). To preserve the drive motor is available a special bar shockproof to ensure additional protection.

  • 30 times faster than a skilled operator ecological features broom.
  • Optimal control of dust that would instead be raised with a manual system.
  • Solid metal structure for added protection against scratches and rust.

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