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Gelair Air Sanitizers

Australian Tea Tree Oil in a specially formulated Gelair gel matrix block. The Gelair Air Conditioning Block is specifically designed to provide controlled and sustained release of Tea Tree Oil vapor in high volume, high flow areas such as the Air Handling Unit (AHU) of air conditioning system. The Gelair Air Conditioning Blocks stops the spread of invisible mold, bacteria and viruses. No installation of equipment or training required. 100% natural product with no maintenance or energy costs. Available in four sizes to suite different system capacities - also available in various fragrances. GelairTM Solution, GelairTM Coil and Duct Cleaner, GelairTM Fogging Solutions are high efficient, 100% natural liquid solutions for air sanitization. Gelair™ Tub gel matrix in an all-purpose Tub to suit low volume, low flow areas such as bathrooms, toilets and wardrobes. GelairTM Tub is also available in various fragrances.

Airgenic Air Sterilizers

The Airgenic/Bioklimatik process is an exact imitation of the natural process which happens outdoors as the oxygen is activated via solar energy and though climatic activities such as thunderstorms and lightening. Through the installation of Airgenic/Bioklimatik equipment, oxygen-molecules are activated, hence, giving them the same natural air cleansing effect which is created by nature. Indoors, activation of the oxygen does not take place. However, with Airgenic/Bioklimatik equipment the same beneficial activated oxygen is created, and thus, the air and surfaces are cleansed from bacteria, fungi, germs, viruses and other pollutants including tobacco smoke.
Benefits of Airgenic/Bioklimatik Air Sterilizers:
• Oxygen-Enriched Fresh Air.
• Natural process of oxygen absorption increases.
• Destruction of air borne bacteria, germs, spores and viruses.
• Neutralization of odour by oxidation including tobacco and cooking smell.